Madeira Island

A rocky terrain, a little girl running; Along the cliff, views were stunning.

Happy she was, some time ago; Her island home, Madeira Archipelago.

Born in the town of Ponta do Pargo; Far from the port where ships brought cargo.

Life was simple, but she was home; Climbing and exploring, she would roam.

Folklore music, she would dance; “Balinho da Madeira“, they would chant.

Espatada on the fire; So much food to her heart’s desire.

Cobblestone streets where she would play; Returning home at the end of each day.

Then one day her parents said; The land of opportunities lay ahead.

She recalls the bumpy plane; That took her away and brought her pain.

Arriving in the Land Down Under; Long hot summers and crackin’ of thunder.

The land was flat and strangers around; Her sun-kissed skin, bare feet on the ground.

As she grew her memories faded;  Thinking of Madeira, but never feeling jaded.


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