Ride the Energy Flow

Right place, right time; Obstacles in life you shall climb.

Enjoy the ride of energy flow; Only then can you grow.

Like rushing water in a stream; Whispers from the heart, push towards your dream.

Whatever is, shall always be; Trust the Divine and you shall see.

Open your soul to the light; Living your destiny, a future bright.

Poem inspired by Doreen Virtue’s, Daily Guidance from your Angels – Ride the Energy Flow. 

I love starting my day with a reading from this book,  filled with words of encouragement to set the intention of my day.  After I read a page from the book, I sit outside in the morning sun and allow the energy to flow through me.  I will then think about what these words mean to me, how does it make me feel, then I write a poem to reflect this meaning – poetry is my self expression and a release for accumulated energy [I was born an over thinker].

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