Pretty Princess

Pretty Princess Purple

Pretty Princess, purple dress; Always smiling, saying yes.

Diamond tiara on her head; satin sheets on her bed.

Spoilt brat causing a scene; in her nature, being mean.

Prince charming came her way; put in him place their wedding day.

He lived his life by her rules; Buying her flowers and pretty jewels.

A loveless life, despising her;  A choice he made, all  now a blur.

Pretty Princess Blue

Pretty Princess bottoms blue; In her denim, no dress for you.

Playing with boys in the dirt; scruffy hair and torn up shirt.

If you fell, she’d help you up; offering water from her cup.

Short hair, baseball cap; Sometimes mistaken for a chap.

Her heart was true and made of gold; a selfless soul I was told.

She met her equal in a man; Loving him dearly, the best she can.

A happy life; Partners in crime, husband and wife.

Helping others, both so keen; Pretty Princess, now a Queen.

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