My Lair

Concrete floor, cold and damp; Dimmer of light from my lamp.

Mould and must fill the air; I am a prisoner, this is My Lair.

Dark thoughts fill my days; Fog in my head, clouded haze;

All alone, no-one but me; Door is open, don’t want to be free.

Trapped in pain, this is my home; Resting my head, pillow of stone.

Body is tired, for I am weak; Escape from reality is what I seek.

The day you came, it had rained; Memories of tears, my face was stained.

You kissed my hand and touched my soul; Pain of life, taken its toll.

You told me stories, warmed my heart; Encouragement, to make a new start.

In your arms, I escaped this hell; Saying goodbye, to my prison cell.

You laid me down by the foot of  a tree; Warmth of the sun, I felt so free.

Close your eyes”, You had said;  “Consider carefully, your road ahead”.

“The life you seek is here with you; feel the love and know it is true”.

I am always here by your side; Shining my light deep inside”.

“You are strong and have much to give; Life is precious, so get up and LIVE!”



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