Friday Furore

Arrive at work, smile on my face; Chirping along, I pick up my pace.

Walk through doors and take my seat; ready to start, set-up complete.

Friday Furore, always fun; Casual dress day for everyone.

Copiers are humming, phones are ringing; workers busy, emails pinging.

You walk on by and tug my scarf; all in jest we have a laugh.

Friday fun day is the best; Weekend closer, a time for rest.

As per my blog this morning – “Notice Love all Around You”, my goal today was to find love/kindness within my workplace and write a poem in reflection.  Being a Friday this was not difficult as the office mood is always light and fun as we head into the weekend.  I am grateful to all the colleagues that I have a friendship-connection with, as the moments together make the day easier to get through and work almost becomes enjoyable …almost!  So, writing a poem about this was my goal which I found quite difficult as I don’t usually pick a subject for my poetry, more the subjects pick me.  So I dedicate this poem to the wonderful tribe at work who keep me smiling and a true reminder that even within the workplace, true and authentic people exist. 

Love and Light xxx

Forever Grateful

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