Delightful Fear

Nervous tension on the flight; knotted tummy, feeling tight.

Little carts in the aisle; offering service with a smile.

I close my eyes and say a prayer; holding firmly to my chair.

A baby cries up ahead; howling screams, turning red.

Aching muscles, swollen feet; limited room, feeling heat.

Descending soon, almost there; I can’t breathe, choking air.

Fear in my head, doubts in my heart; All these emotions, tearing me apart.

Now we land, touching ground; I jump for joy, without any sound.

I disembark the plane, no longer sad;

Looking back, it wasn’t all bad.

So, when you ask “How was your flight”?

I will say “Oh, it was such a delight”

[dying internally from fear of flights]

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