[dedication] Edgar Allan Poe

Dark of night, my lover’s tomb;

Misery of life, I now consume.

I left my heart by his side;

Alone” am I, nowhere to hide.

A dark shadow at the grave;

Called my name, I was now his slave.

Annabel Lee

Now, can you see?

I did not see, for “The Raven” black;

Rasping raven, I turned my back!

Dream Within a Dream“;

My life was ending, so it would seem.

It was then I heard “The Bells” from afar;

Leading back to my car.

The Haunted Palace” I must pass;

Roof so high, gates of brass.

There before my eyes he stood;

Eldorado“? I asked, the best I could.

Darkened shadow, with a glow;

Responded, Dear Miss, I am Edgar Alan Poe.




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